VR Studio

VR Studio

We bring spaces to life

At Incline we offer immersive services that embrace 3D technology within the commercial office marketplace, our state-of-the-art VR studio allows clients to visualize a project before it is built. This is a great design tool for the construction industry because it allows you to find and correct problems before the project is built, and also save on the cost of construction by providing a virtual representation of the floor plans and exteriors without having to build the models.

We offer end to end services and work directly for the A+D marketplace.

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High-end, photorealistic 3D renderings compose these interiors. Interaction is further enhanced by the touch panel of the VR headset which allows the customer to change and customize many facets of the environment, such as day and night modes.

To support the concepts of customization and adaption, the 360° room-views, designed by architect Peter Fehrentz, are crafted in 3D. Particular attention is given to realistic benchmarks like lighting, texture, reflection and textile elements. Here virtual realism and great user experience define Incline.

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